Friday 10 August 2012

Hampstead Heath...

Is there anywhere more lovely than England on a perfect summer's day?

I changed my working hours this week to accommodate the olympic-affected work commute, and as a consequence was able to spend Friday enjoying this short burst of beautiful weather gracing London.

Given the forecast for such a lovely day (blue skies, 25 degrees), I packed a rug and a picnic and decided to visit a small corner of London which I rarely ever visit - and each time I do get there, I always wonder why it takes me so long between visits. 

Hampstead (in North-West London) is only 30mins by a direct overground train from where I live. When I arrived this morning, I turned first towards the high street, making my way there via a meandering route through the lovely neighbourhood, enjoying the homes and lovely gardens. 

I pottered up and down the high street. Stopped for a coffee and a delightful mini raspberry friand at Gail's Bakery. Had a delightful browse in the bookshop, noting titles for my next trip to the library. And picked up a small gift in Oliver Bonas for my friend C's birthday next week.

Then I turned my steps towards Hampstead Heath...

Woodland glades, quiet ponds, wild flowers, the smell of freshly mown grass, dogs and children playing - it was as prettily bucolic as any English scene one could wish for. I spread my rug in the shade of a tree near Highgate Ponds, and whiled away a couple of hours re-reading a much-loved book.

One could get very used to days like this spent doing very little....

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