Thursday, 17 May 2012

Changing my colour allegiance...

Image via Margot Austin

Over time, my tastes have certainly changed when it has come to the colours I am drawn to, particularly in relation to interiors. When I first became interested in decorating and design, I was drawn to blue and yellow. Over time, that love morphed into a fixation with duck-egg blue.

Now however, a quick scroll through my 'inspiration file' and pinterest boards is showing an overwhelming trend of grey and white...there is just something about the calmness and serenity of these neutrals...

via Pinterest

via TenJune

I think my increasing attraction to grey has something to do with the fact that the sense of calm and order in each of these images is such a welcome contrast to the 'untidyness' of the real world...after struggling home on a crowded underground train each evening, wouldn't it be lovely to walk up to this beautiful front door, step inside and shut out the world for a little while...


  1. Gorgeous inspiration here! I am still trying to convince my hubs we need to paint our kitchen cabinets!!

  2. I can't go past neutrals either! These images are just beautiful. x