Saturday, 19 January 2013

From snow to sun...

Winter has finally arrived in Britain - after such a mild (and wet) December, yesterday was our first properly snowy day of the winter. We did have snow on Monday, but not the sort to lie once it hit the ground (in London at least).

About 8.30am yesterday the snow front hit London and proceeded to snow consistently for a good six hours.

This was my walk home from the station last night (albeit a slow one as my footwear was definitely not suited to the conditions!).

There is the odd snow flurry this morning, but nothing like yesterday. I am spending today packing and getting organised to fly to Australia tonight, but I did walk up to the village this morning to return some library books.
 I made sure I was properly attired footwear-wise today!

My little apartment complex looking quite picturesque

And pretty Edwardian villas in the village looking even prettier with their dusting of snow.

So, even though Heathrow cancelled about 30% of their flights yesterday, I am heading to the airport later today for my flight to Sydney. The airport authorities tend to prioritise long-haul flights, so am feeling positive that we will get to depart, albeit a little delayed. The incoming flight from Sydney has arrived this morning (about 4 hours late), so at least there is a plane to board - even if we do sit on the tarmac for a while before being able to take off.

Packing has been interesting. The weather in London yesterday was minus one degree (though with the wind chill factor the actual feel was minus 7 degrees). The weather in Sydney was 45 degrees.

Definitely one extreme to the other...

Friday, 11 January 2013

A sewing month...

Week two of the new year and time is already flying past! The last two weeks have seen me spending quite a bit of time at the sewing machine. A friend of mine is in the midst of exploring some new business ideas - one of which is to develop a retail product line (bags/accessories etc). I've been doing some work for her, sewing up some of her ideas as prototype designs for her to try and refine before she starts sourcing potential production sources. As I've never made bags before, I've been learning some new skills and have been enjoying the challenge. She is also using this as an opportunity to develop her own skills so we have also included a few sewing lessons for her.
Given the continued wet weather in London it has been an enjoyable way to while away a few hours on the weekends. It has also inspired me to complete some long-planned sewing projects of my own - there is now a new summer skirt and shell top completed and ready to be packed for my trip to Sydney next weekend!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The year ahead...

As seems to happen each year 2012 feels like it has passed in the blink of an eye - was it already 6 months ago that we were enjoying the fun and frolics of the Olympics here in London? But, at the turning of the year my thoughts always move towards what the next will have in store.
2013 will bring some lovely opportunities...
A milestone birthday in January

My first home purchase and my opportunity to start putting all of those pinterest inspiration pictures into action (all being well, and unless the London property market starts behaving very oddly in the next six months!)

Some extended travel for work thanks to being awarded a travel scholarship

Two trips to Sydney to see family (one thanks to that aforementioned scholarship!)

Wishing everyone a lovely new year, and some equally lovely things ahead in 2013.