Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer has arrived...

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Given that I have spent much of the last month disparaging the London weather, I am delighted to announce that summer has arrived!!! Three consecutive days of bright blue skies and temperatures of 28-30 degrees is making us all pretty happy in this corner of the world. 

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Of course, we also have a little sporting carnival starting here on Friday (sadly, the run of good weather is meant to run out by Thursday, and it will be back to showers on Friday).

While the sunshine continues, so does our collective good mood. We are all so delighted to finally have some decent summery days that the majority of people are seemingly un-phased by the fact that:

  • travelling on crowded (un-airconditioned) tube trains is not pleasant in 30 degree heat
  • three separate incidents on the tube/trains this morning severely impacted commuting ability in London (and it will be interesting to see how quickly signal failures are remediated during the actual games - trains on one of the main lines to the Olympic Park area of London were suspended for 4 hours today during the morning rush hour)
  • a significant proportion of lanes on London roads are restricted to official olympic traffic, and 
  • a hefty contingent of the British armed forces have had to be roped in to cover the security fiasco.
Not to mention the planned strike by border control staff at Heathrow on Thursday...but apparently London is exceptionally prepared for the games, and most people seem quite relaxed about the whole debacle affair...

I'm getting excited - especially now that I have two teams to support (Australia and Team GB). Given that I decided not to sell an arm and a leg to purchase a ticket to Friday's opening ceremony, I am going to be watching the opening ceremony on television with some friends at their home...but come Sunday afternoon I'll be heading to my first event - gymnastics at Greenwich (provided the underground is working.....)


  1. Enjoy the sunny week:) I don't think we are going to get any over here...still dull and damp!

  2. Oh enjoy the games. The tube's the tube - nothing's changed has it?

  3. Yay for the warm weather! Just in time for the games too eh?