Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where is spring and other random thoughts...

I have reached my limit - I am so tired of this continuing cold weather and craving some warmer weather (and when I say warm I'm only talking in the region of 8-9 degrees...I'm not asking for miracles here...it is still February after all). I've given up trying to ration my very expensive electric heating, because I was still feeling cold despite wearing three layers...inside the flat.

Despite having a two week reprieve and warmth when in Sydney at the end of January, for the shortest month February has felt interminable. Here's hoping that the arrival of March at the end of the week will also bring a weather pattern that makes it possible to spend more than a few minutes outside without shivering.

I spent Monday in a development day at work - held in the Great Hall at the hospital at which I work. This is  a beautiful space, but it too was frigid...we sat there in our coats all day. When we think of hospitals now we think of bright, modern, clinical facilities. However, one of the benefits of working at the oldest hospital in London is the history that remains. Walking in the main entry to reach the Great Hall one ascends this beautiful oak staircase with large Hogarth paintings on each of the walls - it is always such a privilege to be able to see this art. There has been a hospital on the site since 1123 - something I always struggle to get my head around...

Amidst the snow flurries I drove down to West Sussex on Saturday to spend the weekend with my friend C...she not only has proper central heating, but also an open fire - bliss! I was properly warm! Add to that some fabulous 'glam mac and cheese' from Lorraine Pascale's cookbook for supper after watching the England v France six-nations game, and I was very happy...

...and finally, the plans for the travel fellowship are coming together. I've had confirmation from 3 of the 4 sites I am planning to visit, so hopefully I can proceed to flight booking by the end of the week...


  1. Hi Annie,
    I am craving warmer weather too but having moved from Canada to London, I really should not complain (back home they still have a lot of snow!). I am going to give the recipe you posted for Glam Mac & Cheese a try. I had to look up dolcelatte since I had not heard of this kind of cheese. Did you use the dolcelatte or the gorgonzola? I will head to the grocery store today and investigate. I have always used plain ol'cheddar so my family is in for a surprise. Thanks for sharing.
    Loving your blog.

  2. Hi again, Just an update. I made the Glam Mac&Cheese last week and it was a hit. I made a small one with regular cheddar and a bigger one with the recipe that called for the dolcelatte. It was unanimous that the dolcelatte mac & cheese was better. It was delicious. I just wanted to update you and thank you for providing the inspiration to make the recipe. I am not sure if I would have tried the dolcelatte cheese otherwise. We tend to stick to the same old stuff around here and it was a breath of fresh air to try something new. Thank you!