Sunday, 10 March 2013

Finally...a knitted stole

I've had quite a productive week in terms of my handmade productivity. I finally finished this knitted stole at the end of last week and blocked it during the week. I originally purchased this lovely wool/silk mix months ago, and this is actually the third pattern I've tried. The first (a curved shawl design) barely got past casting on as I didn't like that the cast-on edge didn't look symmetrical. Then I attempted a large square shawl..and actually had completed about two-thirds of it before I started to have major issues with the pattern and lost my love for it. So, this is my final attempt - a basic rectangular stole in a pretty lace pattern. It is large enough to wear as a stole, but also to use as a standard scarf...

...and given that we are returning to cold weather again this week, it will be sure to get some wear before spring makes itself properly felt.

I've also managed to complete a little handmade project that will form part of my mother's day gift this year (which although it is Mothering Sunday here in the UK today, it is not until May in will wait and post about it then so as not to spoil the surprise).

In other flight is finally booked. This time in 4 weeks I'll be in Providence RI getting ready to start the first week of my travel fellowship at Brown University. I've one hotel booked, but need to finalise accommodation in the other three cities I am visiting which I plan to do this week. I'm feeling much calmer now that task is ticked off...and I'm starting to think of more pleasant things in terms of which little/portable sewing/craft projects I will be making room for in my suitcase to cover the month I am away...

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  1. What a beautiful stole Annie. I love the colour xx