Sunday, 8 September 2013

On housing limbo...

Architectural details of my possible future home

Sometimes I really do not enjoy being a grown-up....this whole process of trying to buy a house is an exercise in perseverance!

At this point I'm in limbo. I've had an offer accepted, and I've paid a holding deposit to have it taken off the market and stop it being shown to potential other purchasers. And now, I wait....and wait.

Firstly, I have to wait to hear from the bank that I can proceed with a mortgage (this despite going through a huge rigmarole with them less than a month ago in order to get my pre-approval in place). They have promised my mortgage advisor that they will give an answer by the middle of next week.

Then I wait for the mortgage valuation/survey...which can apparently take 5-7 days to arrange. And hope that the surveyor values the property at the same level as my offer...

And then I still wait to hear how long the conveyancing process will take.

Of course, it is all complicated by the fact that in a few weeks I'm leaving the UK for a month to undertake a travel fellowship - so providing that the next few weeks progress smoothly, I will then still have to try and arrange exchange/completion/tenancy notice/moving etc around my travel dates.

It certainly takes the gloss off the excitement of buying a home....sigh...


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