Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Marblehead and Concord, MA....

When I knew that my scholarship trip was going to take me to Boston in the autumn, I immediately determined to extend my trip for a few extra days so that I could enjoy a few days holiday in New England. The opportunity to experience the beauty of the fall foliage and the lovely historical villages was too good to pass up.

I based myself at the Harbour Light Inn in Marblehead - a lovely, seaport town dating from the 1600's only 45 mins North of Boston. I loved Marblehead - I think I could have taken a photograph of every clapboard house in the village! I also had the good fortune to enjoy some lovely sunny days, although it was very cold!

On one of my days, I drove west to Concord - another very historic town in Massachussets. Concord was the site of the first battle in what was to become the American Revolution. My purpose in visiting was a little more literary. Concord was home to some eminent names in literary and social development circles (Emerson and Thoreau). Their near neighbour was Amos Alcott - father of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women (and many other titles).

I have always loved the story of Jo and her sisters, so visiting the house where Alcott both wrote the book, but that also served as the setting for her story was something I was keen to do.

Orchard House

Concord itself is also a lovely village - and was my final opportunity to enjoy the magnificent colours...

And now I'm back to the normal daily routine - but in my absence London has donned it's winter cloak and the Christmas lights are already twinkling - so it is good to be home...

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  1. This is a reminder that I still have so much of the US to see. I've not been to Massachusetts. These photos are lovely!!