Sunday, 23 February 2014

Exploring my knitting heritage...

When I was in Sydney last October, my mother allowed me to go through my grandmother's old knitting patterns and keep those I wanted. This was perfect timing, as I was looking for a small project to take with me as I travelled on the the US for the rest of my scholarship trip.

It was lovely to go through this legacy of patterns - my mother was able to recall which garments that either she or my grandmother hand knitted my sister and I over the years.

This one above was a particular favourite of my grandmothers - fortunately, there were two copies for some reason, so my mother was able to keep one also. This was a layette that was knitted for me when I was a baby. The pattern is dated from 1948 - costing 6 shillings (and obviously predating Australia's transfer to decimal currency).

Traditonal layettes are not particularly popular anymore, but I thought that the matinee jacket could be easily modernised by the choice of wool. After visiting the local wool shop, I was prepared with a few balls of a beautiful soft gray marled wool to take with me.

I think it now a nice mix of traditional with a hint of modern country.

And in today's other news...
I'm brightening a grey afternoon by launching into my new vanilla candle that I brought back with me from Sydney two weeks ago...

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