Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A new way with photographic memories...

In the days when I used a film camera, I used to be organised. I would routinely have the photographs printed, and file them safely into photograph albums.

When I moved back to London eight years ago my parents bought me my first digital camera - a little pocket size that was much easier to carry around than my old film SLR. As time has gone on, I've now also converted to a DSLR. However, I've never really managed to transfer to a successful means of printing/displaying photographs.

Some I print and frame, but other than this blog, many of them just remain in computer files. I seemed to have lost interest in traditional printing and album storage - not least because I live in a small space and albums take up such a lot of it.

So a few years ago I started toying with the idea of photo books. I started using a particular software tool, but again, didn't love it enough to ever get a book finished to production stage. Then probably about a year ago I read about Artifact Uprising. There was something about the simplicity of the design that appealed to me. So recently, I finally devoted some time to developing my first book of photographs and sending it off for printing....and yes, you can see by the photo above just how behind I am in getting on top of this task!

The books come beautifully bound in a linen cover (in a choice of colours), with a dust jacket. There are a large range of page layouts so I could choose how to display my photographs.

I am very pleased with the result, and now inspired to get on and start working through the intervening years of photographs. 2007 is already complete and ready for printing...and as my travel has slowed down in recent years I feel sure that this won't be the mammoth task I originally envisaged....

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