Friday, 4 July 2014

House tour - the before...

It has now been 4 weeks since I completed on the house and have finally found time to take some photos in its 'before' state. These photos just make me realise how much work I have to do over the next year, but even with the week away in Edinburgh, some activity has been occurring.

So far I have:

  • Finally booked a roofer to repair the chimneys (this is a requirement of the mortgage company) - that will be occurring in early August.
  • Had a builder come to quote for some of the internal work (and garage repairs), but am still awaiting the quote back from him.
  • Had the tv aerial reinstated.
  • Suffered two weeks without a phone line and very patchy internet - though that problem was solved this morning (it took this long as the telephone engineers only work Mon-Fri during business hours...which is not particularly conducive when one works full-time).
  • Arranged for an electrician to visit next week to start replacing the light fittings, and re-site some of the electrical sockets.
  • Arranged for a quote for installation of shutters in the main bedroom and bathroom.
Various paint samples have also been ordered so that I can start painting as soon as the building repairs/electrical work has been completed. The previous owners made some 'interesting' choices with colours as you will see from the photos.

Anyway, here is the house in its current state...

Sitting room - I am just turning a blind eye to the fact that my duck-egg blue sofa clashes horribly with the olive green walls...

Dining room - this is one of the closed up chimney breasts that has some damp issues

The very bijou kitchen - it was like tetris fitting in my kitchenware (as three of the cupboards in this photo are actually the refrigerator, the washing machine and the boiler). The longer-term plan will be to knock through the back wall and extend the kitchen further into the garden.

The hall - both the yellow walls and the striped carpet will be going in time

The main bedroom (complete with mis-matched bed linen and temporary curtain arrangements). There are issues with this chimney also - I'll be reinstating a fire place (when I hear back from the builder...)
There is a second bedroom as well, but that is currently full of boxes that are yet to be unpacked. 

Bathroom - fixtures are in reasonable condition, but the blue walls will be going asap

The back garden - complete with some very overgrown shrubs.

Most of the work I've done to date has been in the garden. Some of these shrubs have already been pulled out and the hedge trimmed. Most of the rest of the shrubs will also be coming out in order to place proper garden borders, and planting more in scale with the size of the garden. The garden shed will also be changing colour.

So, this is the starting point - hopefully, things will start to noticeably change over the coming months...

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