Monday, 11 August 2014

The kitchen - plans for a mini-makeover...

So, after two months of living in the house, I'm ready to start my first room renovation. I've decided to start with a mini-makeover of the kitchen - in the longer term I plan to extend the kitchen with double doors leading onto the garden. So this renovation just needs to make me happy to live with it for the next few years.

My kitchen board on pinterest is overwhelming slanted to white cabinets, carrera marble counters, subway tile, and dark floors.

As this is only a temporary makeover, I don't intend to make any large scale (read expensive) changes - so the marble countertops will need to wait until the kitchen extension.

As a reminder, this is where I am starting... 
...a vision in raspberry, cream and red/orange/pink/mustard yellow mosaic tiles...

The non-changeables are the dark granite look laminate benchtops and the slate floor. The cosmetic changes I am planning include:

  • paint the walls a shade of greige
  • remove the tile and replace with white subway tile
  • paint all of the pine woodwork white
  • paint the cream cupboards white
  • replace the black sink (and probably the tap as well)
  • make a new roman blind for the window
As it is only a temporary fix, I am planning to get the job done for a budget of up to £500.

I had four days of leave from work last week as I had the roofers here repairing the chimney, so I was able to make a start on the kitchen. Here is its current state... all renovations, I'm telling myself that things have to look worse before they look better...


  1. They do always look worse before they look better!! It will come up really well Annie, and will definitely tide you over until you do your extension. I often wish that I'd done a similar mini makeover with our old kitchen, as we lived with it for 3 years, and it was just awful. But I had such a long list of other things to do, that it never was high on the priority list.
    Love all your pins, and find Pinterest is very useful for highlighting what you do like once you've pinned a bunch of things for inspiration - there's often a theme evident.

    1. Thanks Heidi,
      I too wondered about the wisdom of investing time and effort (if not a great deal of cash) starting with the kitchen when every other room in the house also requires work...but then I reasoned that this is the space I will have to live with the longest before it gets its more permanent update, so decided that it would be worth it...and I must admit, I already enjoy walking into the room and seeing that plain, white (lovely) tiled backsplash.

      And those Pinterest pictures keep being filed for the bigger renovation down the track!