Saturday, 18 July 2015

Main Bedroom - adding some finishing touches...

Over the past few months I have been adding some finishing touches to the main bedroom. This post and this post describe the initial transformation from pink 'delight' to tranquil grey and adding some much-needed storage.

The most needed element to be added was curtains. Last month I finally found time to make full-length white linen curtains. I was delighted to finally pull down the curtains from my old flat which had been a temporary solution that had lasted for far too long.

As much as I love the serenity of the grey and white scheme, I wanted to add a few touches of warmth. The pink/gold accents came about after discovering the three Australian wildflower prints on Etsy. I initially found the print of the flowering gum - which I loved, as there is a beautiful flowering gum at my mother's home in Sydney which is always in bloom when I am visiting in January. I then decided to include the waratah and grevillia prints. The prints form a lovely reminder of my childhood.

Fortuitously, the crewelwork piece I embroidered at the RSN last summer had the same hints of colour. I used the same pink in the prints to make a cushion cover to tie the two elements together.

I will likely add a few more layers and personal touches into the room as time passes, but for now I can call this room complete!

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