Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another day...another military band...

 The Royal Artillery Band

This week, I had the pleasure of being invited to Lords Cricket Ground in London to watch the annual inter-services 20:20 cricket tournament. For those not familiar with cricket, this is the fast and furious version of the game - 20 overs each side, with the predominant aim being to amass as many runs as possible.

Inter-services refers to the three branches of the British Defence Forces - the Royal Navy, the Royal Army and the Royal Air Force. My friend C and her boyfriend M (who is chairman of the Royal Navy Cricket Club) invited me along to enjoy the day's events. M is also a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club so we were treated to a day spent in the Pavilion - complete with all of the history that invokes.

I watched a lot of cricket growing up in Australia. Late at night whilst studying for my HSC (A-levels), I would even have the Ashes series on the television to keep me company. Little did I ever realise at that age when watching match broadcasts from Lords that I would one day be at the 'home of cricket' myself.

Royal Navy team batting against the Royal Army team

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We managed to secure some seats at the top of the south tower (that lovely area on the upper left). A perfect view, a nearby bar and a fabulous picnic saw us very content throughout the three matches. The sunny and summer-like weather also added to the perfection of the day.

My contribution to the picnic - smoked ham and cheddar, and spinach, ricotta and tomato quiches.

At the end of the final match and presentations (the Royal Air Force were the ultimate winners on the day), we were invited into the Long Room for drinks, and then back onto the terrace for a performance of the Royal Artillery Band and the beating retreat.

Then it was back to the reality of the day-job...


  1. My husband loves Lords - he will be envious.

  2. I used to watch a lot of cricket with my dad when I was younger but haven't seen it for ages now. That being said, my preference is most definitely for limited overs matches! Have never understood Test cricket at all! Looks like you had a wonderful day :) (that grass is so very green!).