Monday, 25 June 2012

The list....

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Today has been a catch-up day...I had a lovely weekend away in Dublin to see friends, but it meant that I started the week feeling quite behind in terms of chores and organising tasks. I'm one of those people that when life starts to feel a little chaotic and busy, I start to crave putting things in order to regain a sense of control. So, I took some time today to catch-up on a few things around my home...and life is feeling a little calmer again. There is nothing like dusting skirting boards to help feel like I am in control (at least of the dust, if nothing else!)

That said, there are a range of things fighting for space in my head...
  • Trying to work out when I can get to my closest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist to pick up a can of old white so I can start painting my bookcase.
  • Wondering what is a realistic price to pay for an antique pine blanket box to use in my sitting room for some much needed additional storage.
  • Feeling the need to make a final decision about what I am going to do for bedside cabinets in the bedroom - I really want to finish the changes that I decided on back at the beginning of the year.
  • Trying to make notes every time I read/hear of something I must see or do when I am in New York later this year (at least the airfare and hotel are now booked, so that is one less thing revolving around my brain).
  • Does my little sitting room have space for a coffee table...if so, what style do I think would work best...and what about a rug...
  • Thinking about my schedule to find some time to take the two bags of books/clothes to my local charity shop after my latest efforts of de-cluttering (and so they can stop cluttering the corner of my sitting room...and therefore also stop cluttering up part of my brain).
None of the above are in anyway significant concerns that should be taking up the amount of thinking time that they have been...does anyway else find themselves almost paralysed at times by their tendency to over-think things?


  1. Perhaps you could come declutter for me? After all, just today I was whining to my mom that my kids are clutter bugs. And then she laughed at me because I have a bit of clutter in my life. And she's even worse! Apple. Tree. All of that.

  2. I think we all over think things sometimes.
    Like you, I really need to have a catch up day where I feel like I'm pressing a big reset button and all the chaos and mess go, leaving a calm and organised space.
    Enjoy New York. It's magical.
    Cheers Kylie

  3. If you haven't seen or read it already - you should try to get hold of the following book:The Stylists Guide to NYC by Sibella Court. Full of beautiful places to shop, eat and drool over lovely things. Maps included.