Sunday, 18 November 2012

Photography...and the New York Public Library,,,

I often find myself in a little bit of a quandary when it comes to taking photographs - while I am making an effort to improve the quality of my photography, I'm also hindered by the fact that I am often too embarrassed to whip out the camera in many situations and start clicking away (or even to ask permission to do so). Hence, other than Central Park, the other place I made a concerted effort with my camera on my recent holiday was the New York Public Library.

This beautiful building was only a 2 minute walk from my hotel and I had read so many reports of the beauty of this building. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Walking in the entrance you are welcomed with a soaring, vaulted ceiling, beautiful proportions and amazing architectural details....not to mention that lovely hushed silence common to all libraries.

Here are my efforts to capture its beauty...and I did ask a lovely security guard for clarification of in which parts of the library photographs were permitted...

...and I think the only photograph I took (looking out of the library at 5th Ave) of the ubiquitous yellow cabs...

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