Thursday, 6 June 2013

A solution to the coffee table quest...

Last autumn I shared my dilemma over trying to choose a coffee table for my small that was not overwhelming for the space, was available in the UK, and not to costly.

I had to reconcile that a lovely tufted ottoman was not feasible in my current space, and that the brass and glass versions over which I was hankering were few and far between here in London.

So, whilst I was trawling ebay back at the end of last year I came across this little version. Glass top (so as to take up less visual bulk in the room), and some nice detail and curves to the design of the legs. Best of all, it only cost me £5 (plus petrol and 90mins of driving each way half way around the M25 to collect it!)

So, it has sat in its 'lovely' varnished state in my sitting room ever since whilst I gathered up the impetus to give it a makeover - though I do blame my travels away for having been so tardy in getting on with this project.

Finally, with the bonus of a lovely sunny weekend, I pulled out the ASCP (old white) and gave her a makeover.
That varnish was incredibly stubborn and even after 3 coats of ASCP it was still bleeding through. I caved in at that point and went and bought some white primer...another coat of paint later and I was much happier with the end result.

...and a gratuitous shot of the lovely stocks gracing my coffee table this week!

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