Monday, 3 June 2013

On white tiles and grouting...

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I spent quite a few hours over the weekend repairing the grouting in my shower. The picture above is, unfortunately, not one of my bathroom. I didn't even bother taking any because a) my bathroom has no natural light and therefore b) no photo is ever going to show any detail that is not cast in the hideous light cast by the combination of magnolia walls and a less than useful light fitting. So, I thought I'd include a much nicer picture of glossy white tiles which is one of my inspiration pictures for a future bathroom renovation (the possibility of which is becoming tantalisingly close...but that is a story for another post).

So, the tiling in my over bath shower was looking a little the worse for wear. I debated contacting the agency that manages the flat to see about getting it repaired....but then I remembered what a palaver it was last year when I had to get my heater replaced. So I decided to try a little repair myself.

Having practised re-grouting on a section of my mother's bathroom last year, I wasn't particularly daunted. Armed with a couple of products and a handy re-grouting tool set from Home Base and I was all set. Firstly I removed the grout from the sections where it had become cracked and was starting to fall out - and it quickly became apparent that mine wasn't the first repair of this type! Some ready mixed white grout in a tube made quick work of replacing the grout lines. After waiting 24 hours I then applied a grout whitening product over the remainder of the grout lines so they matched the new section. Quite a few contortionist poses were needed to finish the job, but I'm sure that is all to the good in terms of keeping myself flexible!

So whilst my bathroom doesn't look as lovely as the picture, I am delighting in how much fresher and cleaner it looks every time I walk in to the room...and now looking forward to taking on a much bigger bathroom project in the future.


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  1. Good job. I am always worried about the a calgary jet grouting quick replacement - does it look "fresher" than the stuff you don't replace (kinda like paint?)