Thursday, 25 July 2013

The search continues (reflections on weeks 2&3)...

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The searching for my first home has continued over the past few weeks (apart from last week when I was away on a residential study programme). I've now viewed six different properties - three purpose built and three conversions. I've submitted two offers, but both have been rejected and neither of the properties were good enough for me to submit a higher offer. It is all a matter of compromise, but there comes a point where you are really considering a compromise too far.

Fortunately, I don't need to rush this search, but nor do I want to still be flat searching at Christmas. I am embarking on another travel fellowship in October, so am hoping to have found somewhere and successfully submitted an offer by the time I leave...that leaves me another two months. Surely that will be enough time?

I'm having a weekend off viewing this week. My friend L is arriving from Nairobi this morning, so instead I am looking forward to a weekend of chatting, laughing, coffee, Portobello Rd, sunshine, and wherever else our travels take us.

That said, I do have a viewing lined up for next weekend which looks very positive on paper. L will still be with me in London so it will be nice to be able to take someone along for a second we shall see what eventuates.

And in other news, after a wait of six years, London is putting on a beautiful summer ... And I'm hoping it may continue for a few weeks yet (though it is at times like these that I do really miss having an air-conditioned car!)


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