Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Saturday meander by the Thames...

Over the past two weekends I was very fortunate to have my lovely friend L visiting from Nairobi....and while she was was here we made the most of the English summer (which surprisingly continues bar the odd day of rain here and there).

Saturday last we walked along the Thames path from Kew to Richmond. Despite having lived here for four years, I'm ashamed to say I've never done this walk (that is not to say that I never walk along the Thames path...just that I've never gone all the way to Richmond before).

 Syon House, Isleworth

 Old Isleworth

 Richmond Lock

The walk took us just over an hour, and in time to partake of a coffee at one of the new cafe's that seem to have sprung up in Richmond lately.

We then hopped on the tube to head into the city for lunch by the Thames at Southbank and a meander down the river to spend the afternoon at the Tate Modern.

It was such a lovely day...and I'm left wondering why it is that I only get out and explore this city when I have visitors. Must do better...

In other news, one more property viewed, one more offer submitted and I'm still looking (this time I was beaten to the punch by a cash I really cant blame the vendor). There has been a considerable slow down in properties coming onto the market in the past two weeks (read: virtually nothing), so I think my flat search may be going into hiatus for a few more weeks...

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