Sunday, 18 August 2013

Crewel Embroidery...personalising a birthday gift...

When I was undertaking my travel fellowship in the US in April I knew that there would be quite a few evenings spent in hotels...and whilst we know I became a little bit addicted to HGTV during that time, I also decided to pack a sewing project to work on in the evenings as well.

My friend's C forthcoming birthday provided the impetus, and a decision to finally trial some crewel embroidery provided the project.

Now that C's birthday has passed, I can share pictures of her gift (and not spoil the surprise). As you can see I made a cushion cover from the finished embroidery.

I do love the way that the gold work adds some fine detail to the finished cushion.

C loved her gift, and I enjoyed teaching myself a new embroidery much so that it sparked an interest in doing some more classes in specialised techniques (something I'll share in a forthcoming post!)


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