Thursday, 3 October 2013

On travel....

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I'm at Heathrow again, ready to embark on my second travel fellowship of the year. For the next month I'll be travelling to Sydney, San Francisco and Boston. Three of the weeks will be spent working at different hospitals, but there is a week of annual leave in there as well to enjoy a break with my family, and another long weekend in New England squeezed in at the end before I return to London and the real world.

As for my previous trip in April I have tried again to pack a capsule wardrobe. It was slightly more complicated this time by the fact that it had to accommodate the current 30 degree temperatures in Sydney and what I imagine will be much cooler weather in Boston by early November. I did cheat a little in terms of casual clothes. I'm planning on leaving my summer-weight options in Sydney as I will be travelling there again in January for my regular holiday to see family. So although I felt very weighed down on my way to the airport this evening, once I have divested myself of that part of the wardrobe and the Christmas gifts I'm carrying things should be much easier (yes, I can boast that I have completed most of my Christmas shopping already - purely driven by the fact that I wanted to carry it with me rather than paying the usual ransom sum to Royal Mail for postage).

I hope to be checking in a few times while I'm away - I've been to neither San Francisco or Boston before so I hope to be spending the weekend days seeing the sights while I'm there...


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