Friday, 18 October 2013

Sydney, Balmoral Beach & the Bather's Pavilion....

How did the last two weeks past so quickly? Already I'm sitting in another airport waiting for my flight to the US for the next leg of my scholarship trip.

Sydney was a time of complete contrasts...a fabulous week of being a visiting scholar at a research institute at St Vincent's Hospital, followed by lovely week surrounded by family. A contrast of beautiful sunny spring days, interspersed with dreadful heat and strong winds, culminating in severe bush fires in several places across the state...including the Blue Mountains (near to where my family live) where at last count over 80 homes had been lost.

On a brighter note, I managed to squeeze in a trip last week to one of my most favourite places in Sydney - Balmoral Beach near Mosman.

...including a coffee looking out over the beach at the cafe at the Bather's Pavilion...

Next stop, San Francisco!


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  1. The bush fires in Sydney have been so frightening - my friend works with a new organisation there and her coverage has been really scary.

    But your photos are gorgeous. Oh to be in the Southern Hemisphere at this time of the year! Thank you for taking me to San Francisco and Sydney in the space of a couple of minutes!