Monday, 8 December 2014

A return...

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Goodness, how is it already December? This blog has been sadly neglected. Quite often I spy the laptop from the corner of my eye, but just haven't been able to summon the motivation to open it and edit photos etc.
That's not to say that things haven't been happening. Although work was incredibly busy through late Oct-Nov, I finally found a clear weekend recently to tackle painting my sitting/dining room. So, the ugly olive walls have gone to be replaced by a pale, calm I just need to sort out all of the other details in the room.
In other news, winter fairs have been visited, Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped and posted, other gifts made, the Christmas tree has been decorated, and a wreath made for the front door.
Winter has finally arrived in the UK, and it has been very cold for the past week - on a positive note, the chimney sweep came to sweep my fireplace today, so tonight I can light a fire for the very first time...lacking any sort of experience in these matters, we'll see how successful I am...

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