Thursday, 1 January 2015

The kitchen refresh...the final touches

2015! A happy new year to all!

Back in mid-December I had a builder spend the week here completing the first round of small building work I plan to undertake around the cottage.

Part of his efforts was to add the final touch to my mini kitchen refresh. I finished the repainting of walls, cupboards and the re-tiling back in August. However, there was one glaring element that was beyond my DIY skills that I couldn't wait to change...

The original sink (image above) was made of dark grey/black moulded fibre-glass. As well as not being to my taste, I just felt that I was never really able to get it clean - this was mainly due to the difficulty in removing the existing lime scale staining and build up (this is a problem in this part of the UK, as it is a hard-water area).

But, thanks to Joe's efforts, I now have a lovely alternative - a white ceramic sink (Reginox) and a new mixer tap (ikea).

It is actually now a pleasure to wash dishes!

And, until such time as I embark on the kitchen extension, this is the first room that I can say is now complete!

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