Friday, 12 August 2011

A beautiful looking blog...

One of the things I first noted about the increasing number of blogs to which I am quickly becoming addicted to reading, was their completely stylish presentation. You can imagine my disappointment then, when attempting to create my own 'design' (and lets remember that I am no designer) via the standard templates left a little to be desired. I had hoped that creating a background of my favourite colour, using a photograph of my favourite flower (peony) as a background header and some fancy script would suffice...but, no...

My blog looked like the completely amateur attempt that it was - so much so that I couldn't even bring myself to start commenting on the blogs I was reading, because I was too embarrassed to have anyone link back and view my own!

Fortunately, I quickly stumbled (virtually of course) across the lovely Maria at Penny Lane Designs. Here I found a whole range of beautiful pre-fab templates ... my only problem then was chosing which design I wanted to use. I think it was the colour (which seems to be the predominant feature colour in all of the accessories and soft furnishings in my sitting room) and the elegant damask design that won me over in the end. I can't recommend Marina's services highly enough - not only has she given me a beautiful looking blog for a very reasonable price, but her service was also prompt and highly professional.

Any non-design folk like me who might be interested in a little blog beautifying, then I can certainly recommend Penny Lane Designs.... Many thanks Marina!

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