Monday, 8 August 2011

Sewing a holiday wardrobe

So, a productive weekend was had this past weekend...which was surprising really as I had such a hectic week at work it wouldn't have surprised me if I had barely stirred from the sofa all weekend.

Fortunately however, I seemed to be blessed with an unusual (for me) level of initiative for a weekend and pulled out the fabric stash and made two simple summer skirts in preparation for my forthcoming holiday (my mother is visiting from Australia and we have rented a cottage in a little village in Cornwall for a I'm just hoping that something resembling a British summer appears sometime in the next 10 days). Anyway, I'm not much one for shorts in the summer, and felt that my casual skirts were getting a little dated (or I'm just tired of wearing them). So, I now have two new wardrobe additions - a navy, nautical inspired a-line skirt with some pretty ribbon trim around the hem, and a taupe eyelet fabric overlaying a white lining. I'll make sure to get some photos as soon as I can to post.

I also made a start on renovating my little wooden cupboard with the glass doors - all sanded, and the first two coats of duck-egg blue has been applied to the interior. I think it is going to need at least one more coat, before I can start on the white paint for the exterior. Work remains incredibly busy this week so it is quite nice to come home of an evening and get to work on a project that doesn't require me to extend too many brain cells!

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