Saturday, 12 November 2011

30 day simplification project...

My home decluttering project started off at a reasonable pace with the culling of the bookshelves in the sitting room and an initial cull of my wardrobe. Unfortunately, since then, the term 'snail pace' may be more truthful.
So, the 30-day simplification project has been born. I spent some time today listing all of the remaining projects that I need to do in order to get this small home in order before the Christmas season gets into full swing - and so I can enjoy putting up some decorations without working around bags of clothes waiting to be taken to the charity shop, the broken dvd player that needs to go to the recycling centre, and the pile of items awaiting mending/alteration before they earn a place back in my wardrobe.
This project came about directly from the inspiration derived from Rachel Meek's blog small notebook. So many useful tips and anecdotes about simplification, organisation, storage and much more. I particularly liked the fact that Rachel and her family were proponents of apartment living for many years, so she completely understands the reality of 'limited storage' - I'm hoping that I too can get past the fact that I lack loft space, garage space, or even a spare room to manage my acquired household paraphernalia, and make better use of the storage that I have.
To make the simplification project 'simple', I've managed to devise a list of 30 tasks/activities that need doing (and yes, I was actually procrastinating from starting the project by making a 30-item list complete with tick-boxes!). Some are small and should only take a short time - some are more daunting and may require a couple of days to complete. For example, I somewhat rashly decided to make several Christmas gifts this year - what seemed a good idea in August, has now come to seem slightly more daunting in terms of getting the items completed in time for international posting.  So, I'm hoping that the average of one task per day may see me arriving mid-December with a clear plate and no more a 'to-do' list...or at least one that doesn't involve tidying/culling/decluttering!

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