Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Miniature mittens...

I have been busy sewing tiny little mittens that are part of the handmade Christmas decorations that I am making for gifts this year - however, over the last week or so this project has been going very slowly. It was transforming in my mind from a festive pleasure to a bit of a chore.

The actual decorations themselves are simply lovely and I think they'll look gorgeous when finished (which I'll be sure to post about...finally). However the source of the pattern for the decorations, has now also provided me with some impetus to get them finished.

Alicia Paulson's blog, Posie Gets Cozy, was one of the first that I began following. This was the image that she posted on her blog today...

There are just so many things I loved about this image - but I think it was the sense of peacefulness that most drew me in. Alicia and her husband have been through a heart-wrenchingly difficult time of late - yet, to me, this picture spoke of the serenity and gratitude they seems such a part and parcel of this couple as they move forward.

With this one image, I've been reminded of the reasons as to why I am making home-made gifts, the simple pleasure that comes from watching something take shape beneath my hands, and to take these days as a marker of the coming weeks and festivities. It has also given me the impetus I needed to finish off my tiny mittens, finalise the still-to-be-done tasks on my simplification list (day 19 = 18 tasks complete), and then enjoy the simple pleasure of decorating my home for the approaching season...


  1. Annie, you're very clever and your house is going to look great for Christmas. My 21 year old son, who is visiting at the moment, is dying to go out with me and get a fresh xmas tree. It's a bit of a novelty for him (even though he was here 2 years ago and helped me stuff one in the car), because we have a fake one at home...the real ones just don't last in 35' heat...and I must admit I'm looking forward to going out to select it. Last year with the snowy Nov/Dec we had, it seemed really magical going to the nursery to visit the little forest out the back and choose the best shaped tree. Have a great weekend. Robx
    p.s. I love shopping in Sloane Square and I always walk up to Cabbages and Roses for a look too...oh and lunch at the Bluebird.

  2. Oh my goodness! That mantle is beautiful! Good for you, making your gifts. My family always exchanges homemade gifts. I fear they get the short end of the stick when they get my gift, but it's always a pleasure to see what we've come up with to give each other. And the love that is crafted into each gift makes it so much more precious than any store bought gift!