Sunday, 4 December 2011

Handmade Christmas Ornaments...

For the last 15 years or so, a small group of girls that I attended high school with have had a pre-Christmas catch-up on the Saturday before Christmas. A key part of this catch-up was that we each brought a small gift for each other - I'm not entirely certain now how the 'rules' were determined, but it quickly evolved to the specifics of 'handmade' and 'Christmas decoration'.
Now, there have been quite a few years where I have not been in Australia for this event, but still partake in the gift giving and receiving. I will also have to admit that there have also been a few years where I have resorted to purchased decorations (there were some lovely paper-cut decorations from Prague one year that found their way back to sunny Sydney).
Fortunately, this year I found some ready inspiration from Alicia's blog posie gets cozy. Alicia has been making ornament kits for the last four Christmas seasons, and they are simply beautiful. This year I've decided to make each of my Sydney friends a little winter coat from Alicia's 'Snow'Day' collection
Image and pattern via
And here are my finished versions...
...a little bit of northern hemisphere Christmas warmth to add to their southern hemisphere celebration...


  1. Oh wow, these are amazing!!! Very clever and so stylish....great tradition :)

  2. These are SO PRETTY!!! :) Great job. Hope it's okay if I add them to my Fancy Friday post for this coming week! :)

  3. Annie - these are divine. You are one talented lady!
    Kylie x

  4. Toooooo CUTE. Oh and I love the tradition you share with your friends.