Thursday, 22 December 2011

Carolling....last time....I promise...

... well apart from the ones during the Christmas Day services at church, but I promise not to blog about those.

This post was also a chance to post a gratuitous photo of the gorgeous St Paul's Cathedral. I was there on a cold, crisp Tuesday evening this week with about 2000 other people for the Lord Mayor's Carol Service. After standing in the opening of the great west door for about 40 mins directing people to their seats and handing out programmes (which was my means of getting to actually attend the service - volunteering for my hospital's charity - but after about 25 mins my voluntary role became increasingly chilly!) I was able to sneak into a seat at the front of the nave, just near the dome to enjoy the service.

I always think that Westminster Abbey is my favourite church in London, but every time I am in St Paul's I'm torn - the symmetry and beauty of Wren's design is just breathtaking.

The carol service was lovely, but (and I'm not sure I should admit this), but I was almost more excited with another celebrity spotting episode....
Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) of Downton Abbey (image via)

Though in actual fact she was looking more like this...
Image via

Those who are regular readers of this blog will know that I was excessively a little excited in the autumn when Dowton Abbey returned to our screens here in the UK. So even without the beautiful period costume, I was pretty impressed to see Lady has already made me look forward to the 2-hour Dowton Abbey Christmas special on Sunday night... but I promise not to blog about that either!

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  1. I'm with you Annie, I think a two hour Downton Abbey will be the perfect, relaxing end to Christmas Day, and I'm looking forward to putting my feet up, after eating myself silly all day! Have a lovely Christmas...I'm so glad to have met you in this strange way, and look forward to reading your posts in the new year. Robx