Saturday, 31 December 2011

Welcome 2012....

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The turn of the year is just 12 hours away and I've been thinking over the events of the past twelve months, and those that may be in store in the coming year. I've also been pondering what my new year 'ambitions' will be for 2012 (as my friend R says, ambitions seem so much more positive than resolutions).

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My plan is to have a word of the year as opposed to a long list of ambitions -a word that I will hopefully remember as I make and take the day to day decisions, plans, and opportunities that arise throughout the year.

The end of the year also brings to an end of my first six months of blogging - and it has been something that I have loved becoming involved in...more so from the inspiration of some amazingly talented bloggers out there, but also as a means of marking the small things that make up who I am.

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...if you feel so inclined (me, probably not so much - certainly not the dancing on the table part!). But however you choose to mark the clock striking twelve this evening, I wish you all a wonderful new year - I'm already looking forward to lots of post-reading in 2012.  

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