Thursday, 10 November 2011

The day to day...

...has managed to get in the way of this blog over the past week or so. Or, to be more truthful, my ingrained habit of procrastination has been making itself felt, and the activities that I have been planning to do keep being postponed in lieu of more 'important' tasks (...hmm, that might involve lying on the sofa reading a book...)
But, some things have been happening in this little corner of London...
The great bookshelves purge is almost complete. Four large bags of books have now been donated to my local Oxfam book shop. The bookshelves are looking better but not as uncluttered as I would like. I was hoping to free up some space by moving the ten or so lever arch folders containing PhD references into the hall storage cupboard, but have since discovered that their weight over the past few years has irretrievably distorted a few of the shelves on my IKEA billy bookcases. Given that I am not about to outlay money at this stage on new bookcases they are all contained on the bottom shelf doing an admirable job of actually holding up the shelf above!
The smocked baby dress is now complete - just as well the anticipated arrival is late!

And finally,
Completely unseasonal, and unfortunately not strongly fragrant, but a welcome change from my usual weekly supermarket flower purchase of white roses...


  1. Oh my!! That little dress is absolutely the sweetest thing ever!! I adore it :)

  2. The dress is divine. You are a talented lady.
    Kylie x