Monday, 31 October 2011

Early evenings...

The clocks went back here yesterday, so the time of year has come when the evenings close in ever more quickly...and I have begun contemplating some small decorating changes in my sitting room.

Given that the seasonal changes are minimal in Australia, changing decor and soft-furnishings based on the season wasn't part of my childhood. Here in the northern hemisphere however, it seems much more pertinant - the need to feel that cozy welcome as you walk in the door from the cold, dark evening.

Whilst there are a limited options as to what one can do when a) on a budget, b) restricted by space and c) living in a rental, I'm currently toying with a few ideas....

The image above is from Trina's gorgeous home as featured on her blog A Country Farmhouse. I love so many things about this - the traditional style of the sofa and chairs, the beautiful polished boards, the light streaming in the window... But, in my current musings, what I take most from this picture is that a room need not necessarily be cluttered with furniture and soft furnishings for it to feel cozy.

So, I'm planning on swapping a few cushion covers (making one from an old jumper of mine and thinking about other embellishments), and perhaps adding a different throw to increase the sense of warmth.
Mohair Blankets
soft furnishings
Image via pinterest

...and of course, completing the decluttering project so that the space feels much more calm and cozy...

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  1. Enjoy the change of seasons, it's one of the things I miss most about London. You've lived in Brisbane - come the 1st of December, the switch will turn on taking it from warm to HOT.
    Love the idea of an old cushion jumper and mohair throws.
    Kylie x