Saturday, 29 October 2011

It is a truth universally acknowledged...

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...that the viewing of too many Jane Austen-related films and adaptations may begin to influence one's wardrobe choices...

Austen is my favourite author, and equally, I love nothing better than watching a tv/film adaptation of her work - not purely for the wit of her stories, but also for the fashion.

Gywneth Paltrow as Emma (image)
Who can go past Jennifer Elhe and Colin Firth as
Elizabeth and Darcy (image)
Kate Winslet and Greg wise as Marianne and Willoughby
Romola Garai as Emma (image)
Romola again with Johnny Lee Miller as Mr Knightly (image)

I mean really, who has never imagined themselves in a regency gown being courted by Messers Darcy, Knightly, Brandon, and Tilney??? (...or perhaps I'm over-sharing here?)

My love of regency fashion came to fruition several years ago when I attended a costume ball in Bath during the Jane Austen festival. Below is the gown that I created using a Sense and Sensibility pattern...

This seemed to allay my Austen fashion tendancies for a few years. However, a few weekends ago I was beguiled by the gorgeous burst of late summer weather and some fabric that I had been saving to make a casual summer dress using the same pattern...
 I made a few concessions for modern day wear, replacing the back button placket with a side zip, and reducing the gathers across the back to a few simple pleats... there we have a new addition to my summer wardrobe (and another unfinished item ticked off the list).

So far, despite my Sunday night viewing of Downton Abbey, I've yet to come up with an idea of adapting an Edwardian dress pattern - Any suggestions...

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