Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sunday in Chelsea...

In continuing to enjoy the beautiful, autumnal weather, my friend G suggested that we visit Chelsea Physic Garden on Sunday afternoon. G lives just across the river from this delightful corner of London.

The garden is about 4 acres in size and sits between the Royal Hospital in Chelsea (where the Chelsea Pensioners live) and the Thames. It was originally started in 1673 by the Society of Apothecaries in London, so that their apprentices could learn to grow medicinal plants and study their uses. Sir Hans Sloane became a patron of the garden in the early 1700's, and instigated many of the developments in the garden that can still be observed today.

The Apothecaries gave up management of the garden in 1899 when its care was taken over by the City Parochial Foundation. During this period the garden continued to be used by university and college students for scientific research, but it was not open to the public. In 1983 the care of the garden was assumed by a new independent charity, and the garden became accessible to the public for the first time.

It is now a lovely, tranquil corner of South West London - particularly so on such a lovely afternoon...

 A seasonal reminder

...and something to make my mother and sister happy...

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  1. That looks quite interesting Annie...another place to put on my list. I think hubby would especially find it interesting with his science background. Have a good week. Robx