Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Because it's Valentine's....

It is Valentine's Day and the blog world is full of posts with gorgeous images and sentiments. So much so that I am not even going to try and emulate them. Instead, I am simply going to suggest that you head to Library of Design and see Janelle's post about Paris. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about receiving one of Janelle's books about Paris as a birthday gift. For those of you who have yet to discover her blog and beautiful photography you won't be disappointed with a visit. I'm sure you will be equally as enthralled as I was with the beauitful images - Paris and pink...what is there not to love about that?


  1. I recently discovered her blog, it's beautiful isn't it.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip - and that you missed the snow & the cold in London :)

  2. Welcome back Annie...is it freezing?? Janelle's blog is lovely...and who doesn't love a little bit of Audrey in Paris (or anywhere)...We were discussing Valentine's Day yesterday (my kids and I)...and we decided it's all about Hallmark making money...a lot of people have made comments like 'hey you're just as unloved every other day of the year'...how sad for some that they feel this way...I personally think it tends to make lonely people feel more lonely. I've told hubby if he's going to buy me flowers not to do so on Valentine's Day as they are 3 times the price (not that it was ever likely to happen)...a bit cynical perhaps...Robx