Friday, 10 February 2012

Goodbye Rain...Hello Snow...

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Well, it is hard to believe that three weeks have passed so quickly. Tomorrow I reboard the plane for the 23 hour return flight to London, after spending a lovely and relaxing few weeks with my family.
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Yes, it has rained most days that I have been in Sydney...including torrentially at times. My little home suburb had over 10cm of rain in 24 hours this week resulting in localised flooding - but thankfully, we weren't affected. But, the rain did not dampen the enjoyment that comes from spending time with people we are close to - particularly when one only sees them once a year.

And from all reports, I am about to fly into a very cold and snowy London...between recent reports from my airline about grounding of aircraft due to engineering problems, and reports from UK news that Heathrow cancelled 50% of flights last weekend as a result of the snow, it remains to be seen as to whether I will actually land as planned early on Monday morning...but all seems to be going to plan at present. All that is left is to re-pack the suitcase, have a farewell dinner with my family, and psych myself up for the 23 hours of tedium that is to come...oh, well.... 

...and I'll be flying back in 6 weeks for my university graduation, so it is not a long goodbye this time...


  1. 6 weeks is very short! So short that I would already be dreading the 23 hour flight! Have a safe trip!

  2. Hi Annie, I hope you got there safely...(I'm guessing you will be just about there)...I actually feel like I'm missing out on all the fun with the snow falling back in England...but you can't have everything. I can't believe that it rained so much in Sydney for's so unlike Sydney at this time of the year...but the weather is crackers all over the globe. Robx