Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sydney showers...

When one books a holiday to Sydney in the middle of what should be 'summer', one doesn't expect to be met by days on end of overcast skies and rain showers. Particularly when one grew up in this city and has memories of endless hot and sunny days.

However, this trip has failed to deliver on the weather front. For the past two days it has rained fairly constantly - at least the forthcoming weekend brings a return to intermittent showers. But, given that I am here to spend time with family and friends, the weather is really only a secondary concern (and at least it is warmer here than in London at present).

With my fair complexion, I've never been one for sitting on the beach (the outcome of which has only ever been sunburn and more freckles) - so I've been using my time to visit some favourite corners of Sydney. Last Friday I ventured to the inner city suburbs for just such an experience.

First stop - Surry Hills and Tessuti's.

An absolute treasure trove of dress fabric - and most impressively, many were 30% off in their sale.

There were some particular fabric loves among these beaded beauties. But, in the end I came home with this lovely black lace.
I feel that there is a a lace overlay cocktail dress somewhere in my future...and at $24 per metre, I was equally delighted by the price.

From there we moved to our second stop - Woollahra, and more specifically, Donna Hay's General Store...

I love Donna Hay cookbooks (as much for her gorgeous food styling as the recipies), and her general store located in a beautiful old terrace house did not disappoint. I would have taken many more photos but I have still yet to get over the embarrassment of whipping out my camera in the middle of a store and asking permission to take this lovely window display had to satisfy instead. From there, a short wander up to Queen St for a coffee at a street side cafe watching the world go past was the perfect end to the morning's adventures...

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  1. I can't believe your luck with the weather Annie! But you are right, at least it is warmer than London. Out here in North Bucks, it was -4' on the way to school, with a top of 1'! They are predicting the possibility of snow...however, we'll be long gone by then...flying out late tonight! Enjoy your visit...would love to visit Donna Hay's shop. Robx