Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sydney snapshots...

Well, I made it to Sydney after the typically tedious 23 hour flight from London. I actually found it more monotonous than usual on this trip...perhaps because there wasn't a great number of films that took my fancy. However, I was delighted that I did manage to see Midnight in Paris which I had missed at the cinema.

The sunny, Sydney summer has yet to make an has rained every day since I arrived (though at least not constantly throughout the day), and is forecast to do so for at least the next 5 days! But, at least the weather is warm.

On Tuesday I was meeting an old friend in the city for lunch, so decided to wander past a few of my favourite places en-route.

 At the top of Macquarie St, beneath one of the lovely Moreton Bay fig trees
The State Library of NSW

The opera house, taken after walking through the botanical gardens

The old GPO building in Martin Place

The Strand Arcade

I have a few more pictures to share once I am home and have had a chance to edit them...

Today is Australia Day, which also means it is a public holiday. I am making the most of the 'relaxing and doing very little' approach to the day by losing myself in two birthday gifts that were waiting for me when I arrived in Sydney...
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This is one of the books by Janelle McCulloch. If you have yet to discover her beautiful blog (A Library of Design), I would urge you to click over there right now...

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By the owners of Pale and Interesting, that I have enthused over before on this blog...
...and discovered a previously unknown benefit of blogging - it helps family members to choose gifts that they know I will love!!

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  1. Can't believe it's so wet for you...Sydney is having a strange Summer, although up north is getting their monsoon...and I'm a bit worried as I'll be in Yeppoon (near Rocky) in a month...Lovely shots of's a great city, very different from Melbourne with that bloody showy harbour! Have a great time. Robx