Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A design project for 2012...

So, I've set myself a design project for 2012 (only one, given that I rent my flat and there are very few changes I can make to the decor). But, I've been pondering a change to the bedroom for a little while now...and I've decided to post about it here to keep me accountable and focused.

In all likelihood, this project will be done in small stages throughout the year, as I make a concerted effort to try and do this from a DIY, thrifty (i.e. cost-contained) focus. I already own the cast iron bed, and an antique pine chest of drawers. So, most of the project details will be focused on sourcing and refinishing two bedside tables, and changing the soft furnishings. There is also the somewhat ugly canvas covered wardrobe tucked into a corner, that I will have to think of a way to beautify (or at least make a little prettier and less utilitarian).

Like most flat rentals in the UK, the bedroom walls are painted in a magnolia/deep cream colour - not ideal, but it could be much worse. So, I'm planning to shift towards a more neutral palette - soft greys, white, taupe - and will try to mix in some interesting textures.

Stay tuned for further developments...


  1. Love your direction Annie! Looks like it will be positively serene! Can't wait to see more! :) Happy New Years!

  2. I agree it looks completely serene - great start to the project is having an inspiration board. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  3. Love the mood board.
    Happy new year

  4. It looks lovely! We live in a rental too, and are moving in a month to another rental, so I have been giving my bedroom a think too. Can't wait to see how yours comes along :) XOLaura

  5. Please buy the book "The Happiness Project", I am loving it!!

    Happy New Year :)