Friday, 6 January 2012

Dublin bound...

Trinity Bike - 9.5x12 Unframed
Photography of Giles Norman (image via)

Hello all...just popping in before heading off to Dublin for the weekend...the weather here in the UK has been horrendously windy for the last 3-4 days, but things seems to have settled now, so I'm hoping that a) the flight won't be too bumpy, and b) that I don't spend all weekend wrestling with an umbrella that keeps being blown inside-out.

This is a long-overdue trip for me. I lived in Dublin in 2002-3, and so generally get across three or four times per year to catch up with friends...however, I only made it once in 2011 for my good friend R's birthday. So, we planned this weekend as a nice, cozy, relaxing catch-up after the busy-ness of the festive season... I'm anticipating some time spent in nice cozy pubs lingering over a coffee or warming glass of red wine, some yummy pasta from Manifesto in Rathmines, and lots of conversation....

The photo above is one by Giles Norman - he is an amazing photographer. I bought this and another of his prints when I left Dublin as a memento of my time there (sadly, something else that is in storage in Sydney...). This one is of Trinity College, but I've added a few more below for you to enjoy...

Ha'Penny Bridge - 9.5x12 Unfra
Ha'Penny Bridge (image via)
Palace Bar - 9.5x12 Unframed

I hope you all have lovely weekends also...

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  1. Ooooh enjoy! Loved Dublin when we were there 2 ears ago! Safe travels and enjoy your time with friends! :)