Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A few random thoughts...before jetting off...

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Firstly, I can't let this week go by without a tribute to the simply fabulous weather that London has received over the last 4-5 days. Beautiful blue skies, perfect sunshine and temperatures around 20 degrees...just perfect. In fact the whole of the UK has been basking in the warm March weather - Scotland has recorded its highest ever March temperatures in the past two days. In Aberdeen it was even warmer than down here in the South....

...and yes, I am gushing about the weather. But given how much of a non-event the past few summers have been here, you would understand why we are all so excited about this event!

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On the weekend I watched Picnic at Hanging Rock. I have loved this film (and the novel upon which it is based by Joan Lindsay) for years. I recently treated myself to a new dvd copy - and I wasn't disappointed...it is still as beautiful and unsettling as ever...

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The film chronicles events surrounding a group of school girls and their teachers during an outing for a picnic at Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day in 1900 - if you've never seen it, I can highly recommend it. To read more about the film, and the equally interesting but also obscure backstory behind the writing of the novel you should have a read of this post by Janelle McCulloch at Library of Design.


Finally, the taxi is arriving in 45 minutes to whisk me to Heathrow for my next trip to Australia (for my university graduation in Adelaide, and then onto Sydney for Easter with my family). And unfortunately, I don't look nearly as glamorous as this when I stroll into Heathrow...and though I did make a concerted effort to only pack a capsule wardrobe this time, the bag seems as full and as heavy as ever. So, 23 hours of tedium here I come...actually it is even longer on this trip as I have a three-hour layover in Singapore...

... and all I can say is that given how fab the weather is here in London at the moment, Australia's weather had better be planning on putting together a much better effort with its performance on this trip compared to the last (I'd even take 50/50 between days of rain or sunshine...last time it was at least 90% rain)!

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  1. Good luck with the weather Annie...if it makes you feel better this fab weather is coming to an end on Friday...so things can only look up in Oz. Have a great time...you must have only just gotten over the last jet lag...also, you wouldn't want to see me getting on a long haul flight...comfy old tracksuit, no makeup...not great! Robx