Friday, 9 March 2012

Keeping to a savings schedule...

front door, front porch
Image via pinterest

Saving for a deposit for a home can feel very tedious at times....there are days when the temptation to spend frivolously rather than saving sensibly can overtake me. I have to confess that a new dress and pair of shoes found their way into my pared-down wardrobe recently - but at least they were purchased on sale!

So, I've been resorting this week to the blog world and pinterest to restore my savings motivation. Given London property prices being what they are, I will in all likelihood end up in a tiny (err...bijou) abode that isn't technically in London at all. So these 'inspiration' images potentially won't come to fruition (at the very least in terms of space), but it is nice to dream....

gray cupbards
Image via pinterest

Image via Margot Austin

Gorgeous bedroom - love the muted tones and country feel
Image via pinterest

Paint Combo
Image via pinterest

And of course, in an ideal world, some outside space...

And at least exploring design blogs is keeping me away from online shopping sites...


  1. Beautiful images, very calming and refreshing.

    London property prices.....CRAZY, I totally agree!

    Have a lovely week-end :)

  2. Hi Annie! I love your blog, such a great decorating resource! I also love the powder room idea with the pale grey panelling - gorgeous! Sending warmest wishes from our old farmhouse in Lincolnshire - Glenda xxx

  3. Sooo beautiful! :) Good luck with the saving... it can definitely be daunting, but it will be worth it when you find your little space!