Thursday, 15 March 2012

Magnolia inspiration...

And by magnolia, I am referring to the tree, not the paint colour. Anyone who has ever rented a property in the UK would attest to the seemingly undying fixation that landlords have with painting their rental properties 'magnolia' - which is actually a really bland shade of cream...what is wrong with any one of a multitude of white shades I keep asking myself...

Anyway, as I was walking home from the station this evening after work, I was a) excited by the fact that it is still light now when I get home, and therefore b) able to notice that in the lovely curved street that I walk down (which is full of lovely Edwardian terraced houses), is also home to quite a number of magnolia trees - which are all coming into flower...

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So given that I am currently stalking the internet as part of my ongoing savings plan, I decided to see what some of my favourite retailers, sites and pinterest currently had on offer that matched the pink/spring theme...

Set of four numbered bottles 
A lovely pale pink hyacinth in such pretty bottles from pale and interesting

Mini Provencal Soaps 
And some spring like hues in their provencal soap - also from pale and interesting

pink glass bowl 
Donna Hay never disappoints me - pale pink bowls and strawberrries

Some lovely fabric from one of my new favourite finds - peony and sage

More peony and sage beauty - look at those gorgeous pink tulips in the background...I treated my self to some pale pink tulips at the supermarket last week - they were supposedly guaranteed for 7 days, but have been looking decidedly sad since about day 3. I guess I shouldn't have really expected any more for £3.

And one final peony and sage beauty - I really could buy myself virtually everything on their website...if money was no object of course...

Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Palm Earrings  
These little gems were a lovely birthday gift from my mother in January - the website name says it all...

And whilst I'm not sure if pink will ever be a major colour in my decorating palate, it is a lovely addition to an overall scheme...
Living room 
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Pinned Image 
Image via pinterest

Are you enjoying the spring blooms where you are?


  1. Beautiful images Annie :)

    Wasn't the weather absolutely gorgeous today....and yes, the light evenings are very welcome! X

  2. Hi Annie, yes it's nice isn't it that the days are longer and I love watching Spring peep out from under buds and push up out of the soil...I think it's going to 'green' up early again this year. It was a shock when I came back from Oz to the bare branches everywhere...but not for long. And yes, I love magnolias...but definitely not in love with Britain's favourite paint colour...yes we too have it here in our rental, although it is an improvement on the yellow that was everywhere when we first moved in. Robx
    p.s. Wells and Somerset in general is well worth a visit if you get a chance.

  3. My daffodils just bloomed, so yes I'm enjoying spring blooms! However, we were in a severe drought last year, so I'm also enjoying all of the weeds that flourished when we were unable to water. I keep telling myself that weeds are just wildflowers that haven't bloomed yet. But it's not really working.