Saturday, 11 May 2013

A handmade mother's day gift

It is mother's day today in Australia, and this is the little tea cosy I made for my mum. Last year (or the year before...I can't quite remember), I bought my mother a sweet little 2-cup teapot from Windsor Castle for her birthday gift.

She has a couple of tea cosies for her larger teapots but they swamped the size of this petite version. My sister managed to surreptitiously confirm the dimensions of the teapot for me, and I down-sized this pattern to make her gift.

I had to make some guesses in terms of how wide each of the side openings needed to be, but hopefully it will be a nice fit...and do the job of keeping her tea warm...

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous tea cosy Annie - your mum will love it I'm sure. We're not huge mother's day celebrators in our family... and it drives me up the wall every year when the retailers start bombarding everyone with the foot spas/ CD compilations (usually entitled "classic hits from the worlds best divas")/ jewellery etc etc. So much unnecessary junk to show mum you love her. Your handmade gift is so lovely, and made with love which is what all Mum's want on Mother's Day. xx