Wednesday, 15 May 2013

California - Monterey, Carmel and Capitola

Sunny California - and a little time for sight-seeing interspersed with conference attendance...

Carmel by the sea


Seals and sea lions at Monterey



Apparently, I've managed to chose a very good week to be away from London where it is cold and raining...



  1. I've been to Monterrey & Carmel, but never Capitola - I think I've been missing out. Looks charming :) I haven't seen that enclosure for the seal lions/seals before - I wonder if that is new since I've been there. Hope you had a wonderful time and soaking up the sun!

  2. It has been rainy and cold. Not really pleasant here so you are right it was a good week to be away. Looks nice there. Good that you are getting a little sight seeing in. Have fun!