Monday, 20 May 2013

Home again...and anticipating Chelsea

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My brief trip to California finished on Friday and we caught the overnight flight back to London, arriving Saturday lunch time. I managed to have enough energy to get some essential groceries and put on a couple of loads of washing, but then basically hibernated for the remainder of the weekend.

But, I was back in to the swing of things at work today without feeling the after effects of jet lag too greatly.

As of 7.30 this evening I am ensconced on my sofa watching the bbc coverage of the Chelsea Flower see, I need to be prepared for my visit there on Thursday afternoon. Despite grave predictions that spring flowering is very late this year, the gardens I have seen so far seem beautifully blooming as always. Last year was my first visit to Chelsea, and very quickly decided that it needed to become an annual event for me to attend.

I'll be back later in the week with hopefully some pretty pictures of my afternoon - and I have my fingers crossed for some sunshine (or at the very least, for it not to be raining).


And on an unrelated note, the Mother's Day tea cosy was a perfect fit...


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