Saturday, 6 April 2013

College Hill, Providence

Day 1, and my itinerary means that I have 2 days to explore Providence before starting my fellowship visits. This morning dawned brightly, and by virtue of my body clock still being on UK time I was up and out early exploring. Providence is only a small city (about 175000 population) and the College Hill area and Downtown are eminently walkable.

I am staying in an apartment near Wayland Square, so this morning my first stop was Brown University. College Green is surrounded by beautiful university buildings - and it was very quiet and peaceful (obviously university students are not up and about at 8am on a Saturday morning). It was actually quite cold in the wind, but still warmer than London and the sun was shining!

The area around Brown is filled with beautiful homes of Georgian/federal architecture - a mix of brick and the more traditional New England clapboard homes.

I finished off my morning with a lovely hour or so spent touring the John Brown House (brother of the university founder). The house was a private residence from the time it was built in the mid 1700's until it was bequeathed to the Rhode Island Historical Society in the mid 20th century - and any developments made by later generations remained true to the original era in which the house was built. So it remains a beautifully preserved example of refined 18th century living.

...and proof that spring has definitely arrived here in New England!


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