Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Developing an addiction to HGTV...

I'm not sure if I would call this a pro or a con but I have developed somewhat of an addiction to HGTV during my time in the US. At any time of the day (but generally most evenings when I am working in my hotel room), I can watch back to back television programmes focused on home design - and what is not to love about that!

Even last week when all of the country was glued to the news as the events unfolded in Boston, it was nice to have the option to switch over to something that was not focused on the human trauma invoked by those acts, and instead be immersed in home renovations.

Some of the programmes I had seen before when staying with my mother in Australia (as she has cable tv and some of these programmes are picked up by the home and lifestyle channels). Others are completely new to me and I am a little bit addicted (Income Property anyone??)

I am a little concerned about having to completely break my addiction when I return home, as I don't have cable/satellite tv...no doubt I'll be relying on my love of Kirstie and Phil to help ease the transition!


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